The Power of Values and Trust: A Recipe for Unstoppable Business Growth

In today's episode, our host, Paul Neal, sits down with special guest Tony Creed, a successful entrepreneur and franchise consultant. Tony shares invaluable insights into the world of business, starting with the challenges of building a brand from scratch and the power of franchising to rapidly scale a business. With his extensive experience in funding and investing in businesses, Tony offers practical advice and even provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs to connect with him for personalized guidance. 

But it's not just about money and growth. Tony delves into the importance of personal development, defining character, values, and ethics. Building trust with customers, establishing shared values, and creating a sustained business model are at the core of Tony's approach, which has yielded remarkable success. He also reflects on his time in the Navy and the valuable lessons he learned from working alongside Admiral Vern Clark, emphasizing the significance of creating a return on investment and having a business model attached to organizations. 

Throughout this episode, Tony touches on various topics, including the relationship between trust and bureaucracy, the importance of frontline employees, the role of servant leadership, and how the pandemic actually helped him scale his business. He also shares invaluable insights into finding the right franchise and establishing a strong value base in chaotic business environments.

Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur, a seasoned business owner looking to scale, or simply curious about the world of franchising and personal development, this episode is packed with wisdom and inspiration. Join us as Tony Creed shares his expertise and guides us on a path to entrepreneurial success. 


About Tony Creed:

Tony Creed is a successful entrepreneur who understands the importance of trust in building strong business relationships. With a belief that establishing shared values is key to gaining trust and ensuring repeat business, Tony has built a thriving business empire consisting of 47 locations. His commitment to integrity and doing what is right is evident in every aspect of his businesses, from the values displayed on the walls to the way each transaction is conducted. Tony's business model revolves around creating meaningful relationships with customers, making every interaction not just transactional, but relational. Through his dedication to the three R's, Tony has achieved sustained success in his ventures and life. Tony is the CEO of ARCCO Enterprises.

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Meet the Host: 

Paul Neal is the founder and Principal Funding Strategist at Vantage Point Commercial Capital, a firm that focuses on helping entrepreneurs, businesses, and real estate investors win by funding their growth and dreams in nontraditional ways. 

Paul’s unique perspective has been honed over 30 years as an entrepreneur, financial strategist, professional speaker, and executive coach. He took the road less traveled choosing to leave engineering right out of college to become a serial entrepreneur. From great early successes in the 90s and 2000s, to completely losing his primary business in the Great Recession of 2008, to bouncing back and just recently selling another business for a healthy 7-figure sum…he’s experienced it all. Paul offers a wealth of experience and passion to the entrepreneurial community in an engaging, upbeat, encouraging, and witty way. 

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