Creating Lasting Relationships in Real Estate with Lori Carlson

Welcome to today's episode of The Top Producer’s podcast. Our guest for today is Lori Carlson, co-owner and founder of Mission Realty Group, which is a boutique real estate firm that offers cutting-edge technology and a personal touch. Lori has been in the real estate industry for over 30 years and has seen numerous economic events in the market. We are excited to hear Lori’s insights on the current state of the real estate market and what she anticipates will be the direction it moves in the next months and even years.

Lori believes that a unique niche in the real estate market involves downsizing and assisting elderly clients as the baby boomer generation passes on. Her firm provides services to clients who are located across the country and who do not have enough time to manage placements and other end-of-life real estate situations. A key factor in Lori's success with the clientele is her ability to be trustworthy and a point person for her clients throughout the process.

Lori explains that Mission was founded with the aim of providing top-level technology and services but also creating a boutique atmosphere where clients felt a personal touch. Lori explains that the firm's name, Mission, stands for the importance of military service and faith-based values of its three founding partners. They consider their real estate business as a personal mission field, serving each client and agent with purpose and dedication.

Lori also adds that working well as a partnership is an advantage for their clients. They provide seamless coverage for their clients even while dealing with the birth of four children between the two co-founders. They believe that being available and working hard ultimately attracts and retains customers.

In addition to the successful partnership, Lori has a unique way of promoting her business. She caters to elderly clients who need more help with their homes and their unique needs. She also helps prepare their homes for the market by offering to be reimbursed for materials or labor at settlement, helping clients gain maximum value for their investment.

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