The Top Producers ShowJune 13, 2023

The Mindset of Success: Discipline, Drive, and Family with Kerry Tanner

In a recent episode of The Top Producers Show, host Paul Neal sat down with real estate agent Kerry Tanner to discuss success in the industry. The episode focused on the importance of having a clear "why" behind one's actions and the need to prioritize people over money.

One of the key takeaways from the episode is the importance of clarity in one's goals and motivations. As Tanner explains, it's essential to understand why you're doing what you're doing in order to stay motivated and on track. This requires a deep understanding of one's purpose, which can be discovered by asking questions like "What drives me?" and "What do I want to achieve?”

Another important theme of the episode is the need to treat one's work, even if it's a flexible job like real estate, like a real business. This means showing up every day, prioritizing education and communication with clients, and staying disciplined and focused. Tanner also emphasizes the importance of mindset, which is crucial for success not only in business but also in family and personal life.

One of the most interesting parts of the episode is when Tanner discusses her "Serve not Sell" philosophy. This approach prioritizes helping those who ask for it rather than aggressively selling to them. Tanner sees herself as someone who can provide wisdom and guidance to clients, who might otherwise be overwhelmed by the amount of information available on the internet.

Tanner also touches on the current state of the real estate market, which is a topic of interest for many people. She notes that while there has been a decrease in competition compared to 2021, buyers still need to offer a little above asking and pay their own closing costs. Tanner urges buyers to purchase now, as the market could become more competitive in the future if interest rates drop.

Throughout the episode, Tanner provides valuable insights and practical advice for anyone looking to succeed in real estate or business in general. Her focus on prioritizing people and serving others is an approach that could be applied to many different fields. The idea of taking responsibility and control of one's destiny is also a theme that resonates beyond the real estate industry. Overall, this episode is definitely worth a listen for anyone interested in success and motivation.

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